USS Safety

A quality staff, a commitment to ongoing education and Utility Sales and Service’s stringent safety standards are the reasons that Utility Sales & Service has gone seventeen years without a lost time injury.
We credit our success to the ongoing education of our employees and providing them with all the necessary personal protective equipment. Our education practices not only keep our meter technicians safe, but it gives our meter technicians the confidence to provide your customers a sense of security that their home or business’s electrical system is protected during any work performed. We are committed first to the safety of our employees and our customers, USS will never comprise safety for production.

At Utility Sales and Service we believe that a safe working environment cannot be expected, but must be developed. To ensure that safety is our employees first priority, weekly tailgates discuss protocol and job safety techniques. These weekly meetings are an opportunity for discussion regarding near-miss incidents. We learn from each other through our experiences. Our monthly safety calendar maps out our safety meetings and themes for discussion.