USS History

Utility Sales and Service is a privately owned corporation that was started in 1997 by Patrick Arias, Bob Fischer and Larry Hepp. Patrick, Bob and Larry made their careers in the electric metering industry and all worked in the field as a Journey Meter Technician. Through their experience in the industry they understood the demand for educated and experienced contract electric meter services personnel from utilities that could not meet the infrastructure maintenance of the electric metering and customer electrical distribution system. Their understanding of the demand was the platform that built the mission of USS. The influence from Patrick, Bob and Larry is still being passed on to apprentice entering the program today.

USS had its humble beginnings in Pat’s garage refurbishing and retrofitting electric meters with AMR technologies. After a few months of scrubbing meter glass and painting meter disks, USS acquired its first service contract meter reading for United Power. USS hired 5-meter readers and started reading meters in Brighton, CO. We still work for United Power today and we use the contract as a platform to promote meter readers to apprentice meter technicians in the growing market for our services in Colorado.

In 2002 Utility Sales and Service established a relationship working with Xcel Energy in Denver, CO. Through this partnership we acquired our largest contract to date. USS installed 28,000 three-phase Itron Sentinels in Boulder, CO. Our success with this project was a springboard to numerous opportunities in a long lasting partnership with Xcel Energy. Today we employ 5 Journey Level Technicians full time at Xcel Energy. Our staff helps maintain the complex metering infrastructure in the Denver Metro Area every day of every year.

Since 2002 USS has acquired 5 more meter-reading contracts. In 2011 USS was recruited by Florida Power & Light (FPL) to install 17,500 AMI meters in Miami-Dade County. Our team did so well in Miami – Dade that in 2013 we installed 10,000 more high-end meters across the state of Florida. In 2014 we started our largest deployment of AMI electric meters. USS will install 60,000 high-end meters by March 2015.

In 2013 the ownership changed. The company is owned by President and CEO, Patrick Arias and the Director of Operations, Michael Arias. USS employs over fifty employees and owns a fleet of 60 trucks. USS has developed and maintains a credible DOL certified Apprentice training program to help develop Journey Level Electric Meter Technicians.