USS Training

Required Education

  • Apprentice programs that are tailored to the project we are working.
  • USS has graduated from the idea that a four year apprenticeship is necessary for all types of electric metering.
  • We have developed a new system that classifies our meter tech (A-C).
  • Meter Tech A are beyond Journey technicians with skills to tackle any metering project.
  • Meter Tech B are in-between second and third step apprentice.
  • These Meter technicians have experience and knowledge working in the field.
  • USS Management monitors their work load by work order type to allow them to develop specialized skills while completing work.
  • Meter Tech C are first step apprentice.
  • USS management conducts weekly classroom electricity and electric meter theory training.
  • USS requires that Meter Men B and C complete field training with senior staff, including hands on experience.
  • We want to utilize the expertise of our staff with 30 year experience.
  • This knowledge will be lost if we do not find a way to pass it on to our apprentice staff.
  • We are working with state of the art technology.
  • During our training sessions we dedicate time for training in the use of latest technologies.
  • Our Weekly tailgate briefings cover instructions in safety, protocol, and day to day operations.
  • Our Colorado Meter Men complete four years of Rocky Mountain Meter School with a satisfactory score on the Colorado Rocky Mountain Meter exam.
  • USS has developed testing protocol and all staff is required to test out on policies and procedures of every project we are awarded.

USS Education Dream

  • Our dream is to develop an online educational service that can be accessed by all USS staff. Through online training seminars our Journey techs, apprentice, and office staff can have access to valuable information at anytime of the day.
  • Our online education will pioneer a new generation of electric meter technicians.
  • USS will contract educational services to utilities. We can train your apprentice at a much cheeper cost to pass all required classroom and field examinations.
  • USS can train the large meter deployment contractors before they enter the field.